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Welcome To My Honest Coach: About Me & My Work

Hey, it's Grace - the person behind My Honest Coach. I'm all about empowering women (and yep, that includes me and YOU) to live authentically and unapologetically. Ready for some real talk about my journey, the why behind my coaching gig, and what this blog has in store? Then read on...

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My Personal Journey

I have spent many years living in a cycle of self-abandonment, squashing my emotions and needs to satisfy others and ensure I don’t disrupt the peace, chronically people pleasing, hiding my true self in relationships in order to keep them going even when they were not the right ones or fulfilling my needs, battling with perfectionism - despite knowing it’s impossible to achieve, pilling excessive pressure on myself to attempt to control how I am perceived by others. 

I have been highly self critical for so long that it became normal, and more comfortable to be miserable as a result. I couldn't trust my own instincts, always expecting the worst and fearing joy because I didn't believe I was worthy of it - and even if I was, it would inevitably come crashing down. 

It wasn’t until a breakthrough in therapy that I recognised I was stuck in this cycle of self-abandonment that was keeping me from really living and enjoying life.

And I believe there are many women who feel trapped in this cycle too, repeating their own patterns that are keeping them from their full potential, from growing and possibly quite miserable to no amends - sound familiar?

Why I became a coach..

I have been coaching for a few years now, helping people build their personal toolkits to support their mental health, delivering wellbeing workshops and producing 100s of blogs to support almost everyone. 

Supporting and guiding people through life’s challenges has always been my calling, but it wasn’t until I myself had the support to recognise and break free from self-abandonment that I found my niche. 

I have felt the sheer discomfort of looking inward and recognising how our experiences, and resulting decisions, have shaped us, for better or for worse - that still, at times, feel safer than trying to resolve these and enter the unknown. 

I understand the complexity of fearing the new, changes and the realm of self-improvement. Even when we do want it, it can feel far more scary and uncomfortable than staying in a place that doesn’t necessarily feel good but feels familiar. 

I have empathy for myself and other women who have experienced this feeling, and I want to help prevent the continuation of this cycle by facilitating your growth.

As a woman, I understand the challenge in overcoming deeply ingrained beliefs from growing up surrounded by negative narratives and conflicting messages of how we are supposed to be, and the impossibly high standards set for us and by us.

The result: so many of us feel the need to squash our emotions and needs to not be seen as difficult or demanding, overly emotional or needy, and the impact this can have on our physical and emotional health is diabolical. 

What I Do..

Together, we'll embark on a journey of self-reconnection, the goal: to empower you to break-free from the cycle of self-abandonment and rebuild the relationship with yourself. 

We'll identify self-abandonment patterns, navigate emotions, reframe beliefs, and work on practical techniques for lasting change. Addressing behaviours like people-pleasing and setting boundaries, we'll foster self-acceptance and compassion for genuine self-love.

I work to create a supportive and trusting relationship with my clients, using my personal experiences to hold empathy and space to explore their experiences and dismantle the beliefs that have kept you stuck. 

I provide a non-judgemental space to navigate the complexity of the female mind, and experience, to nurture self-acceptance and compassion for all versions of yourself that are valid and worthy of love. 

I will gently challenge you to grow into your true self, rebuild the self-relationship and support your choices moving forward so you can feel a true sense of value, and safe to be vulnerable while on this journey of self-discovery. 

My Purpose, Mission & Values

My purpose is to empower women to overcome self-abandonment, rebuild self-relationships, and live authentically, embracing your messy, imperfect selves without fear.

My mission is to offer personalised support to women who are stuck in these cycles, struggling with issues like people-pleasing and lacking self-trust, seeking a supportive space to rediscover their true selves. 

My coaching is rooted in honesty and empathy, not profits. This isn't about selling a quick fix but offering a realistic, honest approach to self-discovery. 

My experiences fuel my passion for coaching women who resonate with self-abandonment, but they do not dictate one path or route to break free - I am not selling a one-size-fits-all approach, so if that’s what you’re looking for you are in the wrong place. 

I aim to foster a safe and judgement-free environment for women to explore and grow, equipping you with the tools to manage your evolving lives now and into the future.

What to expect here..

Each week I will be posting new blogs tackling the challenges connected to self-abandonment, from chronic people pleasing and setting impossibly high standards, to suppressing our needs and holding onto unhealthy behaviours, with practical insights to overcome these and feel seen and empowered.

In the very near future, I’ll be creating a newsletter you can subscribe to to keep you in the loop with new blogs, events and deep dive discussions, I'll let you know as soon as you can sign up! But for now, let me know what you want to hear most about in the comments below and I'll get started on tackling those just for you!

Thanks for taking the time to explore my story,

Your Honest Coach x


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