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The Mental Health Wake-Up Call: Why We Need Practical Education Now

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

I have 13 self-help books that I have actually read and found very useful in my office. I’m not just showing off that I read self-help books, but I am highlighting how much we have to teach ourselves about our mental health and how to manage this.

Stack of self-help books

Now I could blame a number of people for not teaching me how to recognise my emotions or how to regulate them, for not teaching me how to manage stress and understand what it actually is, for not teaching me how to embrace all of me - the good, the bad & the ugly. I could blame a number of people for not teaching me that happiness is entirely personal to each of us and not something we'll stumble across one day and feel forever.

We could all blame a number of people and systems for failing us in this respect. Truthfully, I have tried that approach in the past but honestly, it just made me bitter, angry and lonelier. And it’s no one’s fault per se, but I have had to teach myself all of this and that is downright annoying when many of us have been in school for 14(+) years and learnt loads of what’s turned out to be useless information in the real world.

That is why I have 13 self-help books to date, I have had to teach myself how to manage my mental health in order to feel better, find balance and take back control - not solely from self-help books, I have a degree in counselling and psychology, I have 8 diplomas furthering my counselling and coaching education, and I have invested in my mental health with therapy (for years I might add) and group coaching courses. And I will continue to learn this vital information about managing mental health and everything that comes with it.

It’s vital because we are facing a mental health pandemic (sorry to sound doomy & gloomy). We haven’t been taught how to manage something that we need to be able to manage to be successful, happy, and healthy individuals - and many of us are now feeling the repercussions of that as we face modern life as it is right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means thrilled that I can do this, but I am very lucky to be able to access this kind of information and continue to learn about it. And I think it’s about time everyone got access. However, self-help books won't fix your mood, banish your stress or give you the cure for life feeling hard. Learning on our own can only get us so far, so while reading a book here and there will get you started I urge you to seek further support in your learning - therapy, coaching, medication, learning, whatever you consider support doesn't need to be sought because there's a problem, it could prevent tough stuff turning into massive challenges though.

I am passionate about helping other people understand themselves, find their tools and manage their mental health. It is my mission to help others take back control of their mental health, feel better about themselves and find balance in this wild world because I have been in the dark pits of depression, anxiety and stress and having learnt what I’ve learnt I am furious we weren’t taught this stuff sooner. Imagine if PHSE lessons had covered stress management, emotional regulation, self-awareness and acceptance, and compassion. Imagine if you knew your warning signs that things aren’t going so great, imagine if you had the tools to support that, and habits that support your growth, already waiting in your back pocket for when you need them.

Imagine if we had been taught what we needed to know to manage our mental health, and take life in our stride.

Actually, don’t just imagine it - get in touch and let’s start your mental health management journey today.

My 1:1 coaching programme is designed to equip you with the foundations to feel better about yourself, find balance in life and take back control with the tools that suit YOU.

Let’s start today! Book a Discovery Call now.

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