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Navigating Wellness: Beyond Quick Fixes to Lasting Wellbeing

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

In a world where quick fixes dominate the wellness and wellbeing space, promising instant happiness and vitality, it's easy to get caught up in the allure of shortcuts to a better life. From detox teas to miracle hacks, the market is flooded with promises of rapid transformations. But, let's embark on a journey beyond the glittering facade and explore the truth that lasting wellbeing is not a destination but a lifelong expedition - and I'll be honest, it can get tiring, alone (but you probably already know that too).

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The Allure of Quick Fixes

As we adjust to the increasing pace of modern life, instant gratification is becoming something we chase, without even realising at times. Think about it, we have access to so much all the time, when you’re watching a Netflix show are you quick to grab the remote to skip the intro? To skip the credits to watch the next episode? Binge-watching the entire series in one sitting? That’s instant gratification, the desire to feel instant satisfaction, we don’t want to wait anymore - because in many areas we actually don’t need to anymore. As a side note, I am not shaming binge-watching series, we all do it and it's definitely self-care at times which I'll come back to another time.

So in a culture of instant gratification, the appeal of quick fixes is undeniable. The promise of shedding pounds in a week or finding eternal joy in a single supplement can be tempting. These solutions seem like a magic pill, offering a shortcut to the life we envision. However, the reality of these quick fixes isn’t as shiny as the details may seem.

The Harsh Reality

I am by no means saying they do not work, they won’t help anyone at all. But they won’t provide lasting results, our wellness cannot be tricked long term. Think about weight loss through crash dieting - I think almost anyone who’s read anything ever about diet culture now knows that crash dieting doesn’t lead to sustainable weight loss. In the same way, taking a CBD supplement won’t settle your anxiety or improve your sleep long-term, a sunlamp won’t cure your SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and going for one walk won’t rid your mind of worries and woes.

Quick fixes may provide temporary relief, but they seldom stand the test of time. The reality is that genuine, lasting wellbeing requires a more profound approach—one that acknowledges the importance of sustainable lifestyle changes and the cultivation of healthy habits. And this is a harsh reality because it can be a tough journey to embark on. I don’t say this to scare you, but to let you know that when you do get started, it’ll be an up-and-down process because growth looks different for everyone and the pace is different for everyone. Then throw in the appeal of instant gratification, and the challenge of delayed gratification and it can feel like progress is barely happening. Then we add the stress of modern life in, and wherever your mental health is right now - being bombarded with hacks, magic tricks and quick fixes is getting many of us lost in the world of wellbeing.

The Power of Lifestyle Changes

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Picture this: instead of chasing after fleeting solutions, imagine creating a life where wellness becomes a natural byproduct of your daily routine. This is where the real transformation occurs. It's about embracing lifestyle changes that resonate with YOUR values and align with YOUR unique journey. Whether it's adopting a nourishing diet, incorporating regular exercise, prioritising sleep, or getting your morning routine down, these changes form the foundations of feeling better, finding balance and taking control of your life.

Obviously, the prospect of lifestyle changes can be daunting - we, as humans, get comfortable with what we do know and we find uncertainty or the unknown can be terrifying, but that’s a natural response. But before you recoil back to the comfort of what you know, recognise that the key to those changes is building healthy habits. Now, that might sound the same, and you’d be right. Lifestyle changes or healthy habits, the important bit to remember is these don’t have to be huge conquests to reach. It might be as simple as journaling for 10 minutes in the morning to check in with your mood or set some intentions for your day. It might be to introduce two or three nutrient-dense meals into your week (note: not every day as you start), or it might be to try out a new gym class or online tutorial that you can stick to each week.

It's about gradually incorporating practices that enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health. Small, consistent steps lead to lasting change. As we weave these habits into the fabric of our lives, they become the cornerstone of a resilient and vibrant existence.

Sounds sparkly doesn't it? The truth is even with a plethora of healthy habits, we’ll still face challenges, tough stuff, rough patches and changes in life that can throw a real spanner in the work you’ve been putting in. It can knock us off the path, put us off getting back to it and lead many of us to not even bother trying.

However, wellbeing isn't just about the absence of illness; it's about equipping ourselves with the tools to navigate life's challenges. Those quick fixes often overlook the importance of developing coping mechanisms tailored to individual needs. Whether it's mindfulness, creative expression, or meaningful connections, discovering what resonates with you on a personal level is essential for long-lasting wellness.

The Journey to True Wellbeing

The real point is that wellbeing or wellness isn’t something to complete. You don’t necessarily need that quick fix, nor will you build a set of habits that last you for life. We have to adapt, be flexible and ready to keep going (maybe after a sit-down, a little cry or rage-scream into a pillow, of course). We have to learn to listen to our bodies, understand our minds and nurture our souls, and by doing that we open the door to sustainable wellbeing.

However, navigating this transformative journey alone can be a challenge in itself. With so much information available, that often contradicts the last thing you read, figuring out what works for you is tough.

With so many products, services and advice out there it is so easy to get lost in what we want to do, could try, and should be doing. I spent years just trying anything that ‘promised’ to help my mental health, anything that would boost my mood, that would help me feel better or find balance and actually made me feel less in control. But I didn't find those results by just trying anything, and it wasn’t until I went to therapy the first time (over 10 years ago) that I started to understand the importance of knowing yourself, accepting yourself, and showing compassion.

Struggling with your mental health doesn’t mean you need to find ways to fix it, or change it, and trying won’t make you feel better. But when we apply these foundations of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion, trying the tools, tips and techniques starts to feel easier. And when it starts to feel easier, building healthy habits, showing up consistently, and supporting your mental health makes life feel brighter again.

1:1 Coaching Icon

That’s exactly how my 1:1 Coaching can help you. Together we’ll lay the foundations to help you feel better about yourself, then we explore tools and techniques to help you find balance in daily life. As a result, you will feel empowered and ready to take back control of your mental health, simply by supporting it in ways that truly work for you now, and well into the future.

Restore your mind, rebuild your toolkit, and find effective and lasting solutions that support YOU.

In a world clamouring for quick fixes, try to embrace the continuous journey that wellbeing really is, and remember those quick fixes will likely only provide temporary relief. I will add, importantly, that there’s no reason not to try these magic tricks because they might give you a little boost that helps you build more habits - but PLEASE make sure you check it’s credible, or at least not promising the entire world in a little bottle (that ain’t gonna fulfil its promise, there is no life-fixing-elixir, unfortunately).

Shift your focus from shortcuts to lifelong habits, and get in touch here if you want a helping hand along the way.

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