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My Honest Coach: Redefining Mental Health Support Beyond Quick Solutions

If you read my blog last week you’ll know I went on a bit of a rant about quick fixes and magic products that claim they’ll cure your woes, fix your problems and get you feeling better fast. But obviously, I am selling something too so let me tell you a bit more about it and why my services are different!

Starting on a a side note

Notepad page with writing that read "Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest" quote

I would love to be able to offer my services at a discounted price, for those that cannot access help without being stuck on the NHS waiting list (no insult, just facts) for however long it could be - and often it is months, sometimes years. However, I also need to make a living to survive the current climate. So as a cheeky push, any support in my work could get us all closer to more accessible wellbeing and mental health support for everyone - and keep an eye out for FREE webinars in 2024!

Until then though, I will explain why I am not just another coach selling a product promising fast results or overnight changes - nor is it the ultimate cure for life. Honestly, because through my own experiences I have learnt that this simply doesn’t exist, and believing it might or that new shiny thing you’ve been spammed with ads for on instagram ain’t gonna cut it either.

The Reality of Supporting Your Mental Health

Even with buckets of tools, healthy habits, self care routines, and coping mechanisms, bad days still come, and they can feel like falling off the road and our mindset can shift back to that hopeless spirit. Because when you’ve been doing the work, learning and unlearning behaviours, reframing thought patterns and understanding yourself, and trying your hardest to keep going forward, a bad day can make the world feel like it’s crumbling around you and it can be so hard to pull yourself through.

But with those tools, accepting that bad days will still come and having space process all the feels gives you a base you maybe didn’t have before. What these things actually do is help create small shifts in your mindset, taking you from hopeless to hopeful. However, I passionately believe that hope needs to be honest - hence My HONEST Coach - because without honesty false hope can be dangerous in the context of our mental health.

False hope only sets us up to fall down. Think about how many times you’ve seen or heard people talk about 'a stupid walk for your stupid mental health' and how the results are simply wonderful. Sure, it’ll give you a break from your thoughts and stressors IF you can be present, it might make you feel healthier doing a bit of exercise IF you can get yourself out the door, it might even clear your mind with the fresh air IF you can step back from your thoughts. All of which is easier said than done, and even if you can take yourself for a walk, when things are feeling really tough one walk won’t change your life, even consistent habits won’t feel like the miracle cure that was promised. And that leaves many of us feeling hopeless that the tools even worth trying.

Now I will say that part of that thinking is the mental health mindset that keeps us a bit stuck in that hopeless thought cycle. When we can build consistent practice with the tools, and have a go-to library of things that help us, they do actually work - but it’s highly likely that when a bad day hits, they won’t feel as effective as they might on a good day.

And I believe that’s ok, normal and part of the narrative we need to start acknowledging. Otherwise those of us who do struggle with our mental health can end up feeling like a failure, we’re fundamentally broken, and back in that hopeless space that makes everything feel ten times harder.

So Here’s What I’m Selling & Why It’s Different:

A tailored to you programme:

  • That lays the foundations that help you feel better about yourself by understanding & embracing your needs.

  • That equips you with techniques to help you manage everyday life and find balance in a way that supports your mental health.

  • That builds your toolkit of coping mechanisms, healthy habits and self care to help you shift your mindset so you can take back control & keep moving forward.

Why it’s different:

  • It’s not going to solve all your issues. That doesn’t mean it’s not valuable or good enough; it means, even with all the tools, doing the work, and consistent effort, shits going to hit the fan at some point. It’s inevitable, which sounds scary but building a toolkit will help you feel equipped to handle the shits hitting the fans, to grow and come back a little better than before.

  • It’s not a quick fix that you can start tomorrow and see results of overnight. Sorry, anyone telling they can do that is either far more qualified (and I am pretty qualified if I do say so myself) or lying, probably to make a quick £££. The work takes time and effort, the road can be bumpy and you might need a rest along the way - it's not something complete, it is an ongoing journey that can get tiring, and you can take a break from.

  • There’s nothing magical about it, it’s just information, awareness and techniques delivered to you to suit you. It’s a process you can learn to follow to help you feel better, find balance & take back control. And if that sounds magical it’s likely that you probably really need it.

I did, and the journey is ongoing, it is rough and I don’t always want to do it but the return, the value & shift in life it’s brought has honestly been worth it even when I’ve struggled along the way. Who I am now feels stronger than ever, more empowered than ever and more at peace than ever. And for me, that is so worth it.

Why I’m different:

  • There’s no sugar coating here. I don’t believe that’s useful for anyone, unless you’re telling a friend their outfit looks good even if it doesn't after you’ve gone out and can do nothing about it (tell them if they haven’t left/can change/want to change obvs). But the more delicious version can leave us feeling defeated, disappointed and down about ourselves.

  • I’m not another coach making a living out of my experiences, but I will use them to deliver hopeful honesty about the realities of mental health support, healing & growth. I’ve experienced this stuff first hand & learnt so much along the way, I feel compelled to share it and help others.

  • I won’t just validate your feelings and experiences, but teach you how to validate yourself, how to use the tools and how you can keep reshaping your toolkit moving forward, so you feel able to keep moving forward, even when it gets really tough - because adaptability is key.

So now you know a little more about what I’m offering, if it resonates with you or you feel compelled to chat with me, please get in touch here. There has never been a more important time to equip yourself with tools and techniques to manage modern life, and navigate the challenges that come with it and interfere with our mental wellbeing. So what are you waiting for? Hit me up (please).

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