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Has poor mental health become inevitable?

It sounds bleak doesn’t it. But in light of the events over the past few years, already poorly equipped support resources & a general regard for its existence it sure can seem like it.

If my Mum was reading this she’d probably roll her eyes and tell me how negative my perspective is. But I don’t say it to be a negative Norman or a cynical Cynthia. I say it because I think for many of us it feels true & we need to do something about it.

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While everyone seems to be battling some sort of issue - the cost of living crisis, existing mental health symptoms, growing anxiety about the future, pressure from society to be ✨something✨, I’m not saying we should settle for it. But accessible support can be hard to come by - and while ya gals gotta earn a living, she also inherently believes everyone should have access to support for their mental health because you really never know when it’s going to get on top of you.

So if you’re reading this, welcome to my mental health mindset movement. It’s why I’m here, it’s what I’ve been working toward maybe my whole life, and it’s time to share it with as many people as I can.

This blog will be a weekly thing full of tools, advice and simple suggestions delivered with an honest yet hopeful outlook - just for you mum! I’ll dive deeper into the topics in my weekly email too, so if you want even more access to free support make sure you sign up.

Back to the point though. Yes I do think there’s almost a mental health epidemic (possibly pandemic) but not to be dramatic just prove that if you’ve been feeling wobbly, low or extra anxious recently you’re definitely not alone.

I have too. Even with many tools & a lot of (but not all yet) knowledge life can feel like a fucking rollercoaster and sometimes I start feeling queasy. I’m actually not a fan of the real things either they make me very nervous but I’ll hold the bags happily.

But here’s what I have learnt:

Feeling low makes for feeling lower

A real kicker of a cycle we can fall into when things feel tough. When we’re feeling low in mood or even just energy we tend to make decisions that lower it further. After a hard day do you a) reach for the vino or b) head to the gym? There’s no shame, many of us do it and sometimes a little ripple is tasty and fun. But when we’re already feeling low those behaviours that generally make us feel lower - the easy but greasy take away, binge watching Netflix, smoking, drinking whatever else your into 👀 - are a lot easier than going for a walk, cooking a meal yourself, and especially stuff like journaling 🫠

You have to really work at practicing those healthier habits and maintaining a consistent routine (easier said than done of course) so that when things feel tough the tools that will help will feel much easier to just do.

Stress is inevitable & it can get in the way

Unfortunately we can’t just banish stress. We can’t stop or avoid stressful things happening to us, so we really have to learn to cope with it. It’s not always bad either, when we can channel the energy from our stress response into motivation & drive it doesn’t feel so ✨stressful✨ It’s not always that simple though is it, so we’ve also got to manage the not so good stuff & reduce it - but only what we can control otherwise we’re just creating more stress for ourselves.

I know you’ve heard it before. Just ✨let it go✨ poof. Easy as that. To be toxic - ooh burn. It’s not as easy as that but when we practice the tools that actually help us let go, we can start to embrace & cope with stress successfully.

Your pursuit for happiness is getting you lost

Happiness, joy, peace, contentment whatever you’re looking for, you’re not going to find it indefinitely. We can absolutely find and creates pockets of these emotions, that can fill as much of our lives as we can. But those feelings are exactly that. Fleeting emotions, temporary states, just feelings. So they come & go, and there has to be contrast otherwise we’d never notice either (cliche but it’s true.) Putting pressure on yourself to find a constant state of happiness is going to get you down, and those tougher moments aren’t always the enemy to avoid.

We do have to create space for the emotions though, both positive and negative. Shifting your mindset to be open to experience the feelings that come whatever they are, rather than dreading the low moments and wishing for the high, is a vital part of supporting your mental health. But, you know what’s coming now - we’ve got to practice the tools to accommodate the shift & I can help you.

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